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Window and Door Replacement

“Energy efficiency” is one of the biggest buzz words we hear these days.  From a practical point, it is one way that you can save yourself thousands of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs.  At The Riber Company we work with some of the best window and door name brands in the business, and not necessarily the most expensive.  We have found over the years that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot on top name brands in windows and doors, which are often the most costly, to achieve the same level of efficiency in your home.  When it comes to windows and doors where the competition is stiff, there are several brands who can deliver just as well.  Let us research and install the best windows and doors for the money in your home.  If sizes vary or another window and door style is what you are in the market for, we can handle the job from beginning to end, including repairs to interior or exterior framing and finish, necessary to accommodate the project.