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Tile ART

Adding tile to your home can help increase its value, if not monetarily then at least by appearance.  Adding or replacing tile incorporates a level of glamour to your home and is an artistic expression of you when designed and properly applied.  However, installing tile yourself can be a messy, time-consuming, complicated, frustrating project.  Let the experts at The Riber Company do the work for you.  We will work with you to design and lay out the area you want tiled.  We can help you choose tile from several resource and design centers that we partner with.  They can also help make suggestions in developing a motif suitable to your tastes and your lifestyle.  No matter the project, whether you are adding or replacing tile on floors, in kitchens or bathrooms or perhaps framing a fireplace, there are thousands of patterns, shapes and sizes to choose from, and we can turn your home in to a work of art that expressive of your own personal taste.‚Äč